Carter Consulting Goals

  • Facilitate personal and professional growth through dynamic, practical, and creative education
  • Practice fusion of scientific knowledge, creativity, intuition, and practicality in educational experiences
  • Provide general teaching, consultation, and coaching services consistent with mission
  • Provide extraordinary education for extraordinary people who are willing to:

Invest in Integrity
Seek Wisdom
Nurture Self and Others

  • Provide self-coaching programs which increase and sustain optimal personal and professional development
  • Work collaboratively in developing custom designed curriculums
  • Inspire win-win attitudes and actions
  • Provide ethical and comprehensive martial art training
  • Teach, consult, coach, and collaborate in providing personal, professional, and community benefits for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations which:

Increase self-awareness
Increase self-knowledge
Increase self-management
Increase positive emotions
Increase positive self-talk
Increase positive expectations
Increase harmony, health, and happiness
Increase trust and improve communication
Increase personal and professional effectiveness
Increase ability to coach others
Increase leadership abilities
Increase work satisfaction and productivity
Increase customer and client satisfaction


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