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Carter Consulting Services

General Consulting, Coaching, Teaching for Individuals, Groups, and Organizations

  •  Personal and Professional Development Coaching
    • Office Meeting Options
    • Creative Options(for example: coaching sessions while hiking)
  • Self-Coaching Programs
    • Self-Coaching: Nine Keys to Invest in Integrity Program
    • Introduction to Self-Coaching and Personal Leadership
  • Art and Practice of Assertiveness
    • Introduction to Assertiveness Training for Groups
    • Brief Assertiveness Training for Individuals
  •  Inner Strength and Staying Safe Course
  •  Ethical Martial Art Training (Private and Small Group Classes)


Custom Designed Programs and Classes

I am committed to understanding your unique circumstances and needs as individuals, couples, groups, or organizations. I am very interested in collaborating with you in designing and facilitating a unique curriculum and experience to fit your goals. I am also comfortable working cooperatively with executives, directors of training and development, organizational staff, and associates to create enriching educational experiences that advance your organization’s special mission and move you closer to your vision.

  • Participant Number Options: individual, two, small and large groups
  • Format Options: seminars, presentation, workshop, collaborative, creative
  • Time Range Options: hour, hours, half-day, full day, or longer


Important Basic Features of Services Include:

  • Practical skills and opportunities for insightful dialogue are built into combinations of the art and science of education.
  • Frameworks and opportunities are provided for doing inner work that is foundational for personal, professional, and organizational leadership.
  • Ideas, principles, and practices are selected from a diversity of disciplines and bodies of knowledge including: Social/Behavioral Science, Human Development, Health, Human Science, Sport, Philosophy, Business, Management, and Education.
  • Services combine formal academic knowledge, research, and practical knowledge from professional and life experiences.
  • Various services provide opportunities for a synergetic integration of principles from popular best sellers and related works of leading educators, scientists, philosophers, psychologists, and researchers.