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Michael J. Carter, PhD

Inner Drive Vita

While a student at Father Ryan High School in Nashville, Tennessee, I learned from James Zralek and Tony Garr to be more conscious of the struggles of the disadvantaged in our society.  As our team progressed toward the first state team wrestling championship for our school, Coach Joe Drennan gave me the opportunity to learn that athletics was more about winning within than over another. At Saint Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa, I developed a love of philosophy, theology, and psychology while life itself became my greatest teacher.

Throughout years of employment in various health, education, and social service positions I observed many examples of the importance of communication and demonstrations of the problems created by its absence. During my construction experiences I wondered why we in our culture give more attention to building our houses than our inner lives which will make those buildings our homes. While on the staff of Habitat, I witnessed a wonderful spirit of compassion by people of diverse faiths, and imagined what the world would look like if we of all spiritual and religious beliefs practiced daily the values preached on our special days.

At the University of Tennessee, I was sadly aware of how athletes were better known than great faculty. I was fortunate to have classes with some of the best of that under-appreciated faculty, and I miss them. While writing my dissertation, Reasoning for Wisdom in Emotional Education, I learned “it is better to receive one wink from Wisdom than all the accepting eyes of the academy or to possess all the knowledge a scholar might imagine.”

I am a martial arts and wrestling coach, fifth degree black belt in jujitsu, and a six time Southeast United States judo champion. My hero is Abe Collins who battled muscular dystrophy with a grace of being that exceeded any athletic movement I ever witnessed.

I receive my greatest education, guidance and joy from my wife and two sons.

As a teacher, coach, and consultant I have a passion to nurture the inner work that is so necessary to drive personal and professional missions of higher value.

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