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Michael Carter is an extraordinary teacher, a world-class coach and tremendous human being. He is among a rare few individuals that I know who consistently practices what he teaches. I have benefited immensely from Michael’s martial arts training and his unique and powerful self-coaching program. One of the most profound lessons I’ve learned from Michael is that knowledge must be consistently and persistently applied and directly experienced in order for wisdom to quietly take its place in the heart of a man. This awareness has profoundly changed the person I am and the quality of the life I am experiencing. I highly recommend Michael Carter as a teacher, coach and friend.

Jim Anderson
CEO, Key-Connections Inc.


Michael Carter is a former colleague and a rare gift as a friend I have known for some 17 or 18 years. We worked together for many years, creatively and intellectually while teaching psychology. In the college community he was widely known to students and faculty as a passionate, innovative, and inspirational teacher and advisor. Michael is committed in his beliefs, values, his quest for wisdom, and in his ongoing personal coaching and consulting business toward guiding others to a better, more authentic life. He has also been invaluable in my own journey in life. I would describe Michael as a lighthouse or shepherd in his method of conducting his life and his interactions with others.

Ada Koho, MS
Associate Professor of Psychology


I have known Michael Carter on a personal basis for twelve years and know him to be a man of honor, honesty, and integrity. When I reached a point in my life when I wanted to increase my ability to focus on long term educational goals, Michael was the person I went to for assistance. I have benefited immensely from my work with Michael on many levels. Whenever I encounter someone who would benefit from counseling or personal coaching, Michael is the person I always refer people to. He was the epitome of a life coach before the term became fashionable and continues in his personal and professional life to make the world a better place one person at a time.

Kent Johnson
After School Child Care Director
Certified Personal Trainer


I have known Michael for more than three decades. In this time I have witnessed his sustained dedication to personal and professional growth, strong community, and the seeking of wisdom. When I refer a client to Michael, I know that his unique ability to masterfully blend challenge, deep respect and understanding will promote keen new awarenesses and the opportunity for true growth. By this I mean, the person will come away with not only knowledge but also with skills that allow that new learning to be applied in real life.

Susan E. Maxwell
Certified Rubenfeld Synergist


Michael Carter and I have been friends and colleagues for fifteen years. Michael’s understanding of the human condition is nonpareil, but with none of the cynicism these insights might tend to produce. Michael brings a certain grace and kindness to teaching, coaching, and personal relationships. This humbleness tempers an intellect that is very incisive in its nature and scope. Michael challenges himself and others to think beyond the ordinary, but the heart and soul of his professional service is in the encouragement which he provides.

Bruce Semple, Ph.D.
Educator and Investor


I have known Michael for almost twenty years. During this time Michael has been my instructor, my colleague, my employee, and my friend. One of Michael’s greatest strengths is his open mindedness and excellence in the determination of the most effective teaching methods for various individuals. I have watched him through the years constantly improve and refine his instructional techniques for a very disparate student population. He excels at teaching. I feel that I have become a better person through my personal and professional relationship with Michael.

Richard Sparks MS, MA, MBA, DVM, PHD
President CDE Dosimetry Services, Inc.